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Multi Channel Communications

Our software development team has worked with leading industry innovators like Adobe, XMPie, Xerox, and IBM to build our cloud-based marketing automation software. We continue to develop and perfect multi channel communication automation solutions for our clients and have recently released a 6.0 version. AMP (automated marketing platform) is an affordable, effective solution for any size organization in any industry.

Variable Message Integration

What does it mean to have the right message to the right person at the right time?

Avanzado combines available data with other data sets to greatly enhance personalization and corresponding communication effectiveness to achieve variable message integration. There is an art and a science in how the data and content is dynamically constructed based on psychographic and demographic profiles and other segmentation. AdBuilder allows our clients to use multiple channels to deliver highly personalized, relevant communication with a frequency and blend that maximizes results.

Microsites and Social

Avanzado Microsites and Personalized URLs, pick up where direct mail leaves off. When combined with social media, the response rates are impressive. It is not uncommon to have 300% response rates from social media campaigns. By including a Microsite and social media channels, you can organically expand your audience and open your prospects to additional information, incentives, and conduct surveys and polls. The possibilities are limitless and the results are quantifiable!

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is here to stay and 95% of survey respondents consider it mainstream. Traditional marketing consumes 61% of marketing budgets while digital marketing is averaging 39% in 2014. However, 73% are increasing digital marketing spending in 2015. The truth of the matter is we live in a hybrid world and that is why AMP and AdBuilder have been developed by Avanzado.

AdBuilder Delivers:

  • Interactive user experience
  • Lower cost of client acquisition
  • Higher response rates
  • Email, purl, social, and mail messaging
  • Social media dashboard
  • Longest available messaging life expectancy
  • Real-time reporting

AdBuilder Technology

At the core of our online solutions lies Avanzado’s AdBuilder. Our customized AdBuilder websites are further enhanced through integration with XMPie software and Xerox iGEN digital presses. This combination allows for variability on-the-fly. Even the smallest business can benefit from a campaign that offers personalized, full color, flexible document revision and expedient multi-channel delivery, which surpasses industry response rates and ROI.

Digital Printing

Our digital messaging operation is industry leading and award winning. Our advanced use of composition technology and the latest digital presses generate highly personalized, audience-of-one communications in rich 4-color digital print. Our team augments and supports you in developing content that can take full advantage of our advanced technology.

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